Dating Venezuelan Women

Dating Venezuelan Women 


I took the glass to my lips and sipped the rum. It was OK but not quite satisfying enough after indulging on Diplomatico Exclusivo for 3 months.

“You know Seth, I brought a great bottle back with me from Venezuela”.

I’m talking about Venezuela again, its all I’ve talked about since arriving home months earlier.

“If you love Venezuela so much Aiden then why didn’t you marry one?!” – Seth playfully asks me.

I responded candidly. ..

“Well Venezuelana’s are great for sex but I’m not sure I’d ever want to marry one. I mean they can be a bit erratic. No, if I was ever going to get married then it would be to somebody more dependable like a German.”

Editors Note – this is a joke which needs to be read in context. I had to clarify that after a particularly vitriolic and sustained spam-attack from a hard of humor reader. In all seriousness, I would never marry a German…

Playful jokes on national stereotypes aside, there is a lot of truth in the notion that Venezuelan’s are passionate people and I found this out for myself during 3 chaotic and unforgettable months last year. Maybe you too are headed to Venezuela and hoping that cupids bow may strike you and it may well do, for Venzuelana’s are physically stunning,  warm and very hospitable. However, before you go searching for your happy ever after, there are some things that every guy should know before dating Venezuelan women;

  • They LOVE Foreigners

We are all suckers for a bit of novelty and we all love strange and wonderful things whether its that quirky new restaurant or that weird new song that’s stuck in your head.

Venezuela receives very few tourists so those who do visit, usually find themselves the centre of attention. People want to know where you are from and what you think of Venezuela. You will find yourself the toast of the town and rarely short of drinking buddies.

That also extends to the women of Venezuela. All of the other foreigners I met in Venezuela, found themselves to be very popular with the opposite sex…

  • You’re not in Holland so don’t try to go Dutch

Personally, I’m a huge advocate of women’s rights because the flip side is women’s responsibilities meaning they have to pick up their share of the tab! Over in Venezuela though, they never got that memo and the guy is very much expected to pay the girls way. If you talk a girl in a club you have to buy her a drink, if you take her out for a meal then you are paying for the food and if you go to a motel together (see 4) yep, you are paying the entire room bill.

Another quirk of dating Venezuelan women is that sometimes a girl may even bring her friends along and you will also be expected to pay for them. Personally, I draw the line at this and whether its a cultural norm or not, I insisted that any 3rd parties paid their own way; if you don’t then dating in Venezuela may prove very expensive.

  • Not everything is real

Whilst Venezuelans are very beautiful, they are not adverse to getting some extra help and enhancements from the surgeon’s knife. Silicone breasts and bottoms are very common and in any given nightclub you may well struggle to move for protruding parts. 

Whilst Venezuelan surgeons don’t seem to offer the “natural look”, your amore may still vehemently deny your suggestion that she has sought some help however apparent it may be

  • Contraception is not widely used

Venezuela is, at least nominally, a Roman Catholic country and the legacy of this is that contraception is not widely practiced even amongst lapsed Catholics and committed atheists. The consequences are obviously high amounts of STD’s and a hell of a lot of unplanned pregnancy. Abortion is also unpopular and difficult to obtain so the result is a high volume of teenage Mothers; it is not unusual to find 18-year-old girls with children already starting school. 

This is a socio-economic issue which the over-stretched and under-resourced state health care system is struggling to deal with.

If you are dating a Venezuelan be safe, be sensible and take matters into your own hands. Condoms are widely available in the country and with your foreign currency, they are ridiculously cheap. If you do get carried away, then you may want to ask the girl to use the morning after pill depending upon your own particular morality. It can be sourced from most pharmacies but doesn’t come for free in Venezuela so as per number 1, you are paying for it but it’s going to be cheaper in the long run than a child. Therefore, when dating in Venezuela my advice is to always take precautions.

  • They live with their parents

Because of this nominal Catholicism, pre-marital couples co-habiting are still widely viewed as living in sin. Most people live with their parents until marriage (and often even after marriage for a while) which can make getting up close and personal kind of difficult. The solution to this problem is the phenomenon of the hourly, love motel. Love motels are a staple of Latin cities and towns all the way down from Mexico to Argentina and have been providing space, privacy and the aforementioned teenage pregnancies for countless generations of Latin lovers now.

If you are looking for a room in Venezuela (either for a little bit of privacy with your amor, or just for a place to sleep) then you can browse through this link here.


Don’t be embarrassed when entering one of these institutions because in Latin culture, there is nothing sleazy about it; its an everyday norm born of sheer pragmatism. You rent them by the hour (unfortunately they don’t do them by the minute guys…) and they offer 24-hour receptions. The prices are usually reasonable although you can expect to be charged more if you bring extra people along.

  • Promiscuity is very common

Adultery and infidelity were off the scale in Venezuela and pretty much everybody I knew was semi-openly carrying-on behind their partners back. There are many reasons for this and the main one is that people still tend to marry too young and brides with swollen bellies at shotgun weddings are commonplace.  Other reasons are anybody’s guess, it may be because sexuality is so very prominent in Venezuelan culture or it may be that Venezuelans are just so damn hot that they find it hard to resist one another.

A lot of people got offended by me pointing this one out. But the whole point of this blog is to offer up my personal perception upon places that I visited and the realities I experienced there.

  • They get jealous


This is a weird one. Despite the aforementioned promiscuity, Venezuelan’s like most Latina’s are nevertheless possessive as hell. Within a short space of time, you can expect your date to be checking your phone, accusing you of being unfaithful and generally busting your balls. I did, however, find this to be equally common amongst Colombians and Brazilians.

If you are caught parking your truck in your neighbour’s yard then God help you…

As with the above, some people get a bit twitchy about me writing this (presumably because of its another harsh truth) but it happened on too many occasions for me not to mention it.

  • Braces are fashionable

If you ever had braces as a kid, the chances are that you hated them, was teased at school and couldn’t wait to get them out. Indeed, we see them as a necessary evil and a childhood rite of passage that some of us just have to go through. In Venezuela though, not only are they commonplace amongst adults, but they are even seen as been desirable and fashionable!

Adults (both men and women) will leave braces in long after they have ceased to need them or even wear ones that will offer no dental benefit. I was at a complete loss to work out why this is and can only guess that its a status symbol suggesting wealth; i.e. “I can afford dental care!”. 

If you plan on dating Venezuelan women then you may well need to learn to love a bit of steel.

  • They will steal your heart!

Venezuela has a very high crime rate and there are scores of armed banditos out there wanting to help themselves to your cash and gadgets so do take care. Thankfully this puts cowardly travellers off visiting meaning there is more of Venezuela for us! However, for me, the only thing of value that Venezuela stole from me was my heart. Dating Venezuelan women will expose you to new levels of sweetness, warmth and physical ecstasy leaving a lasting impression and setting a standard that will be hard to replicate anywhere else in the world.

Interested in Visiting Venezuela?

If you are planning on visiting Venezuela then check out this useful guide before you go. If you need more information about Venezuela’s delightful women, then my personal account may be just what you’re looking for.

Because of the current political and economic situation in Venezuela, there are relatively few flights to the country at the moment. I therefore recommend signing up for Jacks Flight Club – it is a members only flight search engine which notifies members about bargains and error fairs. When I last looked, I found a one way flight from London to Caracas (changing in Madrid) for £200. You can sign up for to Jacks Flight Club right here through this link!

Venezuela can be a bit dodgy and there is quite a bit of petty crime. Whilst you should never let fear hold you back in life, you should definitely get good Travel Insurance in case you are robbed. World Nomads specialise in off the beaten track, badass destinations like Venezuela and I used them myself on my trip. You can get a quote from checking out the box below.

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  • Are you going to find the love of your life in a complete different culture in a matter of 3 months with a complete different language that you do not speak, a complete different tradition that you do not follow and a country with no democracy but caos, poverty and violence and who knows, with your intention to live like a nomad with no future, or with the intention of having a good time with every women that you run into? As many as you can to get laid? I don’t think so. You do not understand our culture. If that is the concept you have of us women from Latin American, you don’t belong there. Don’t even come visit us. Just stick to your kind.

    • Hi Claudia

      Normally I don’t respond to these comments but your frantic, vitriolic and yes eratic response clearly needs addressing.

      I sense that you have based your entire response to my article on one single line in the article – the line in question is a joke (albeit it jagged one) which you have managed to appropriate entirely at face value. I accept ths sometimes these things do get lost in translation and perhaps that is what has happened here. Alternatively it it simply be that you just have no send of irony or humour and from your numerous other responses I suspect the l latter.

      As for the poverty and chaos I encountered in Venezuela, I have written about it elsewhere- the article is about dating in Venezuela after all and not about queuing for rice.

      In conclusion, if you offend so easily I suggest you stay away from the internet and feel free to stay the fuck away from my site you psycho.

      P.s as you clearly lack irony I guess your utterly oblivious to the fact that your conduct is kind of fulfilling another stereotype about Venezuelanas?

  • “Queuing for rice” , that’s another one of your offensive and insesentive lines.
    I’m not from Venezuela. You do not have any remedy.
    On behalf of Latin American countries, You Aiden, Are Not Welcomed in our part of our world.

  • You think people read your whole article?! I don’t think so! They don’t have time for that. All they read is the title and the first few lines. “Venezuelan women are great for sex.” That’s all they read and that’s the whole message they take with them.

  • Aiden, I also like Venezuelan women as you do,but try and follow Claudia’s advise. It will make us all happy. Thank you as you do.

    James from Nigeria.

    • Hi James.

      If your happiness depends on the contents of my blog then woe betide. But do feel free to write your own post and then you put across whatever agenda you wish.

      I don’t feel that there is anything offensive about my post, especially if you read it with the humour with which it is intended and read it to the end. If you can’t do that then frankly I don’t want you as a reader.

  • This is so offensive. I’m from Venezuela and we’re not like that. Regular Venezuelan girls don’t have money to pay surgeons, not even to pay a drink in a bar. Regular Venezuelan girls are working or studying to have a better Life. You won’t find them in a nightclub. It’s really sad that you’re traveling to the world but you’re not learning anything from it. Each country has beautiful people. You talking about us like we all were sluts.

    P.S. i think you dated a Venezuelan prostitute not a regular girl. Think about it.

    • Hi Ls.

      Thanks for taking the time to comment.

      It is regrettable that you have taken offense but as a blogger, it is inevitable that some people will be upset some of the time by what I write. I don’t edit myself to spare peoples sensibilities. I also said a lot of very kind things about Venezuela and it’s people, both in this post and in others on my site. Therefore instead of simply taking “offense” at various individual points why not try to consider things in a wider context?

      But I guess our perceptions perhaps differ on this and it ultimately comes down to what and who you mean by “regular” Venezuelans. Is there even such a thing as a “regular” person? If so, I’m not sure I’ve ever met one.

      Anyway, in response to the material points of your post;

      The FACT is that Venezuela is still ranked inside the Top 10 countries for cosmetic surgery although this of course, may indeed have slowed in recent years with the economic turmoil. Have I perhaps offended you by pointing out this fact about your own culture?

      As for your comment about nightclubs, I have no idea what point you are trying to make – the ones I visited were full every weekend so clearly somebody is buying drinks. It is possible to study and work all week and party at the weekend.

      Finally, you accuse me of calling Venezuelans sluts, and yet you are the one suggesting that all of the girls I met were prostitutes.


  • Aiden
    I dated a Venezuelan guy for a month. I completely agree with your article…he turned out to be cheating on me with multiple other women, including a Venezuelan woman who kissed him in front my face!!!
    He was opposed to using condoms and to abortion and could lie to my face with such ease. It was just awful. Venezuelan women are going in droves to surrounding countries and stealing people’s husbands. If you don’t like monogamy, don’t fool people into believing you want a serious rship. Never me again with a Venezolano…yes your country is in crisis but that should not affect your morals.

  • You really meet the wrong venezolanas then hahahaha other wise you’ll be writing a different story. I am venezolana married to an Austrian. This is a real story without all the chaos that you are showing here, once again you meet the wrong venezolanas, to bad! They didn’t even made you arepas? What a shame…

  • These trolls commenting here are truly mind boggling. Aiden, if I were you I wouldn’t get offended by all these comments. I have traveled and lived in Latin America extensively even so I haven’t been visiting Venezuela lately I have been often in Colombia and Brazil which is quite closely related in terms of what Latin American culture could mean to a foreigner.

    I don’t quite understand how people get so easily offended by the truth.

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