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I Travel – A Little Poem About Travel

why people travel

I was never inspired to travel so much as driven to it. I had no particular place to be and so I hit the road, it was that simple. The foundations of the normal, safe and deeply unsatisfying life that I had allowed to take root beneath me had one by one given way undermining my existence as I knew it and shaking it to its very core.

Firstly, after a very challenging few years my long term partner, my soulmate, the girl I had loved since I was in my teens, passed away. Then my band(s) fizzled out leaving me feeling creatively burned out and to complete a perfect shit storm my job was made redundant.

But the seeds had being sown long before this and in truth for as long as I could remember I had the creeping feeling of being a stranger in my own life and of not recognising it as my own. Each morning I would arise to face and fulfil a routine I did not choose for myself, never wanted but had nevertheless fallen into. The final crisis came when the house I had lived in, loved in and lost in was taken away leaving me literally homeless.  I became a nomad and I realised that I liked it, being a man with nothing left to lose left me free to lose the fear that had thus far held me back just as it holds so many others back. If my life was a prison wall that had built around me then seismic tremors had weakened it and after mustering a desperate, hopeful, courageous strength I had torn it down from within.

Somehow I knew that somewhere there was the possibility for happiness, for fulfilment and dare I even say it for love again and I knew I just had to go and find it whether by looking within myself, looking outwards or by doing the two at the same time.

So I embarked upon my journey in search of the good life, the free life, the life I wanted to lead. But I would to come to realise that the destination itself was immaterial. After countless miles on planes, trains, buses & mules, after falling and waking in numerous strange beds, after two too many near death experiences and more than my share whiteouts & blackouts, I realised that the road, the journey, the travelling was the life I wanted to lead.

I travel because I am. I travel and therefore I am.

You wanna come with me?

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