Make Freeborn History

Black Eye

Crowd fund Freeborn Aiden to exile for as little as £5.00

Freeborn Aiden’s crimes include the worship of false idols, plagiarism of toilet graffiti, disrespecting the people of Rochdale and the serial breaking of promises. He is often liquored up and causing unpleasant scenes in bars, streets and public libraries in Northern English towns. He is overtly serious and has a surly unemployable face.

Yet none of these crimes are outside of the Law’s of England and Wales so he is allowed to go free unpunished to persist in these indiscretions.

Fortunately however there is a solution. For a donation as small as £5.00 you can help us raise £5,000.00 to send Freeborn Aiden off to the New World for the next 12 – 18 months.

Only with your help can we free our green and pleasant land of this menace. Give now before its too late and its your husband/wife/Mother/Cat/Dentist he offends/seduces/sues. Together you can help to Make Freeborn History!

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