Handy Travellers List To Help You Get Ready To Hit The Road

Travellers List – The Travel Essentials Checklist

Going travelling? Well, you’ll need a copy of my handy travellers list then…

In this travelers list, I will tell you exactly what to pack and what you need to get sorted before you leave home.

Let’s begin.

I have spent most of the last 4 years now living out of various sized backpacks and having to navigate all manner of inter-state, international and inter-continental boundaries. So yeah, I have gotten pretty good at preparing to hit the road and so it only seems right to share the benefits of my experiences.

A list is useful because even those of us who like to travel light need at least some stuff and even those of us who love spontaneity sometimes need to do at least some pre-planning…

(Note! If you are travelling with kids then you’ll have to do a whole lot more forward planning. This guide to taking your first holiday with kids may come in helpful)

So to help you get ready for your next trip and ensure you have all the essentials, here is my handy travelers list!

  • Passport
  • Visa
  • Insurance
  • Document Holder
  • Vaccinations
  • Backpack
  • Toiletry Bag
  • Toiletries
  • Camera
  • Power Bank
  • Adaptor
  • Apps
  • Clothes
  • Currency
  • Loose Ends at home

1. Passport 

This one may seem to be bit of no-brainer. In most cases* you absolutely need a passport to travel and this should be obtained well in advance of the start of your trip. For those of you who have a passport though, you may still have a bit of work to do. 

Firstly, you need to check the expiry date. If it has expired then its invalid and needs replacing before you can go anywhere. Even if it is only nearing its expiry date it may also need replacing as some countries insist that you have 3 – 6-month passport validity remaining before they let you in. Therefore, make a lit of all the countries you are visiting on your trip and check their individual entry requirements online.  Finally, you also need to make sure that you have a few spare pages for Visa’s and stamps and bear in mind that for example, an Indian Visa needs two clear pages.  

EU based travelers, remember that your EU Id card is only valid inside the EU/EEC and not for the whole of Europe. If you plan on flying into Bulgaria, heading North to Romania and then crossing into Serbia for example then you’re gonna have issues getting into Serbia. You would be surprised by how many travelers are actually caught out by this oversight.


2. Visa

In an ideal world, a Passport would be enough to get any of us into any country but sadly it is not like that and most countries require some kind of Visa or other. Check well in advance whether the country you plan to visit needs a Visa and what the requirements are. 

You may also incur some considerable costs in obtaining these and they are usually non-refundable.  They can also take quite a bit of time so you really need to to get this sorted well in advance of your travel date. I was once left waiting for my Indian visa until the day before I flew out which was pretty tense, to say the least. I never want to go through that again. 

Also, remember to study and respect any limitations of any Visa. For example, a Pakistani tourist Visa doesn’t allow entry to many parts of the country and a Schengen Visa, will not get you into the UK.

3. Insurance

Never set of traveling without Insurance. Whether you want to completely cover every aspect of the trip & possessions is up to you but as a minimum, you should obtain medical and repatriation cover. Over the years, I have spent hundreds of pound on Insurance policies but never claimed on them once. This may seem like money down the drain but I personally would not risk being without Insurance; I would rather waste a bit of money here and there rather than one day have to phone my Mom and say I need $4000 to pay an Indian Doctor. Seriously, leaving without Insurance is stupid and selfish so make damned sure you get it! 

A note on devices here – because I’m a blogger I travel with my laptop and have a separate cover for this as most travel insurance policies don’t cover its value. You should also make similar inquiries yourself and consider additional cover for those valuable devices; after all, they are especially attractive to wrong ‘uns.

4. A Document Holder

Your passport, Visa’s and Insurance documents will need to be safely and neatly kept together somewhere. This is where a document holder comes in very useful. Many travelers overlook to bring a document holder but they really are very handy indeed.

5. Vaccinations 


Over the last few years, I’ve had quite a lot of needles stuck in my arm (even after I quit smack). Like Insurance, I know quite a few travelers who take chances with this and don’t bother to get vaccinated. Whilst I haven’t had every recommended vaccination, I’ve had all the “big” travel vaccines and I’ve certainly had the free ones.

In some cases, you will need evidence of vaccination to be allowed access to a country. If you are headed to South America or Africa for example, you may need a Yellow Fever vaccination along with the certificate. 

6. Backpack

Your backpack will become your constant companion and will follow you everywhere. It will be tossed on and off planes, it will be chucked on bus roofs and subjected to the full roulette of the elements. 

Getting the right backpack is essential and there are a lot of posts out there all about choosing the right one. Firstly, you need to make sure it has the right capacity for your needs so that you can fit in all the stuff you decide to bring. For me, if I am going on a weekend/short trip I bring a 45 liter whereas if it’s a “See you in 6 months” I plump for 70 liters. You also need to make sure it is adjusted to your frame, has proper supports and ideally you need a rain cover.

First timers may be tempted to cheap out here but my firm & resolute advise is don’t; if you buy cheap, you buy twice. I’ve gone through a fair few in my time but am now using Osprey’s stuff.

For the last year, I have used the Osprey Aether 70 liter. It was well worth the £180 I paid for it and I will never use cheap, lesser backpacks again. You can pick up one of your own by clicking on the widget below.


7. Toiletry Bag

One of the smartest little things you can invest in is a hanging toiletry bag. You stick all of your toiletries inside it and simply hang it up either in your bathroom or over your bed whenever you check in to your accommodation. I wish I had got one of these much sooner.

9. Toiletries

Most toiletries can easily be bought or replaced absolutely anywhere in the world so don’t go overboard here. But do make sure you have a toothbrush, some toothpaste, and some deodorant. I always bring moisturizer and hair wax but that’s about it. Women, remember to bring women stuff.

10. Camera

OK so there is nothing worse than those annoying tourists who photograph absolutely everything but it is usually a good idea to take at least some pictures to show the folks back home.

What kind of camera you bring is down to you. It will depend on where you are going (ie cities/landscapes), how much effort & expertise you want to put it to take pictures and of course, how much weight you can be arsed to carry. 

I toyed with a few different Lumix’s but in the end, got rid of them because they were just a hassle to carry and to turn on every time I wanted to take a shot. These days I just take pictures with my iPhone and I’m kinda happy like this. 

11. Power bank

At some point on your trip, you will find yourself a deprived of a power point and so you need to be prepared. If you go camping in the jungle or climbing Kilimanjaro then you’ll want to ensure your camera is properly charged for when you reach the summit. Likewise, if you have an 18-hour bus ride you’ll need to make sure your phone/MP3 player can provide you with music – otherwise, you risk have to speak to people to pass the time. 

The market is awash with power banks now. Some are great and some are awful. Always check out user reviews. You need to pay close attention to how many times it will charge a device before needing to be recharged itself, its durability and it’s weight as these things can feel heavy in your bag.

12. Adaptor

Rather selfishly, the rest of the world chose not to use British style plugs so none of our favourite appliances work overseas without the aid of a charger. Even British inspired India sometimes throws us curveballs by having random US/European style sockets dotted around. Invest in a good quality World Adaptor that will work everywhere wherever you go. 

If you can, be sure to get one that has little USB ports as well so that you can use your hairdryer and charge your phone at the same time. 

13. Apps


There are now some amazing apps for tavellers out there that will make your life on the road oh so much easier. First up, with Maps.Me you can download entire country maps to your phone and use them off-line, with navigation so you need never get lost again!

Translation apps also come in useful as does some form of currency converter so you know what you are spending. The vegetarians/vegans out there should also definitely get Happy Cow in order to find suitable places to eat.

Of course, these apps are not foolproof and are only as reliable as the information put into them. Therefore, you may occasionally be sent to a bus station or restaurant that closed down years ago but these instances are thankfully few and far between.

Other apps are more trip specific, for example, Inter-rail has an app that gives you the entire European rail timetable.  Another one, Iron Dome is useful for when visiting Israel as it sounds an emergency alarm every-time a rocket is fired so you have a few seconds to take cover.

I have previously written a whole blog post about the best travel apps for travelers which I do try to update regularly. Take a look

14. Clothes

Be sure to bring some clothes. Clothes come in very useful pretty much everywhere in the world and the best bit is they come in all manner of shapes and sizes!

Packing clothes is a bit of balancing act as you don’t want to bring too many and yet if you bring too few you risk running out. Before you leave check what kind of weather conditions you will meet and pack for them all. Quick drying clothes are very useful for travelling. Also remember to bring some semi-smarty, reasonably presentable clothes for when you go out on dates or gate-crash foreign weddings. 

There are many schools of thought regarding exactly what to clothes to bring, with some travellers swearing by special, outdoor type gear which is breathable and quick to dry. The problem is that a lot of that stuff looks horrendous so it’s up to you. Once piece of advice I will offer is that Converse All Star trainers are useful for almost all occasions and I always wear mine on trips.

15. Currency

travellers list
Money is more than simply portraits of important looking people.

Last but least on my travellers list is good old money. Whilst your bank card will work most places in the world, using it will prove very costly as exchange fees and local bank charges will fast rack up. Doing my first visit to Colombia I ran up £300 in fees over 6 months which would have paid for my flight.

It is always a good idea to bring some cash and you should shop around in order to get the best exchange rate. Please don’t bring too much cash though as you are screwed if you get robbed.

However, the wise money is on a pre-paid specialist travel card which will allow you to use foreign ATM’s and pay terminals without fees (or at least some of the fees). I previously tried N26 & Revolut but am currently all about Monzo.

16. Get Your Home Life In Order

Whether you are going away for the weekend, or for a gap-year, there are definitely some loose ends you need to tie up at home.

For example, remember to empty your bins, lock your door and turn your heating off! Either pay any bills that are due or ensure you have set up payment.

If you are going travelling long term, cancel any onerous contracts that you will no longer be able to use. For example, if your Sim only works at home then cancel it (and cancel it properly). If you have pets, make sure somebody is around to feed them.

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Did you find this travelers list useful?! Or did I maybe miss something crucial that you never travel without? Well, why not leave a comment below and let me know!


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