Fantastic Creatures and Where To Find Them – My Most Beautiful Women Country Guide

My Most Beautiful Women Country Guide

People ask me a lot of questions about my travels. They ask what is my favourite place and my least favourite place. They ask where has the best food (India, no Italy, no Lebanon!), the best nightlife or the best trekking. 

A lot of people also ask me, which country has the most beautiful women. And I don’t mean locker-room type talk here (I don’t do that and don’t keep company with guys who do), I mean that even my own Mother asks me this seemingly very important question. 

Which Country Has The Most Beautiful Women in The World?

I did ponder whether to actually even write this post as ranking nations in terms of the physical attractiveness of one gender is a bit reductive, isn’t it? Furthermore, doing so arguably objectifies women which is just not cool. So, before writing I asked the two women in my life who’s counsel I respect the most (my Girlfriend and my Mother) and they both assured me that they were personally not offended by the idea (as long as their nations’ feature in the list…) and that I most definitely should write this post.

Besides that, if one of the many female travel bloggers out there wants to write a sexiest guys county guide, then I wouldn’t be remotely offended.  In fact, I’d love to see it as long as the UK is number 1.

So with these misgivings laid to rest, here is my 100%, totally politically correct and not in any way offensive, most beautiful women country guide!

1. Serbia

Following the collapse of the old Yugoslavia, Serbia is still emerging from a difficult last few decades and most people know next to nothing about the Balkan country. Well here are some fun facts for you, they absolutely love Psytrance and they have by far and away the mops beautiful women in the world (that I have ever seen). The streets of Belgrade are just teeming with could-be-should-be supermodels; tall, slim, dark with cheekbones hand crafted by God himself.

There is a flip side though, Serbian girls are notoriously rude and getting them to even acknowledge you is a challenge. During my stay in Serbia, I was ignored by female waitress’ & check-out attendants and female hairdressers refused to cut my hair. It’s not simply that they don’t like foreigners (though this may be a part of it), it seems that the rules of the oldest game known to humankind are just played differently to anything I’m used to and nobody bothered to explain the rules to me


Romania has a pretty awful reputation in the West which is absolutely unjustified. The country is gorgeous, the people friendly and particularly in Transylvania, the girls will have on your knees declaring undying love and proposing marriage.

A strange Saxon-meets-Balkan gene pool has spawned a unique meshing of dark features and green eyes which I don’t recall seeing anywhere else on earth. I, therefore, welcome the influx of Romanian’s into my native Great Britain as hopefully, they can liven up our lamentable dating scene as well as our stagnant gene pool.

3. Venezuela

It’s often said that Latina’s are the most beautiful girls in the world and there is a lot of truth in this – the Latin population is a delightful mix of the indigenous, Spanish and Africans who were thrown together during the conquest of the Americas.

Venezuela holds the record for the number of Miss World winners and they do take the competition very seriously. Surgical enhancement is very popular out here and many things may, therefore, seem larger than life. Venezuelan women are also very friendly and caring and I made many female friends during my 3 months in the country. Venezuela is having a pretty torrid time right now and its reputation for danger deters most would be travellers. However, in my experience, the beautiful girls of Venezuela will be most appreciative if you do take the time to visit.

4.   Colombia

I couldn’t really include Venezuela without also including Colombia, could I? Basically, as above.

5.   Israel

When I arrived in Tel Aviv a few years ago my first observation was “everybody here is beautiful!” and that goes for both the boys and the girls. Israel is a new nation and since its formation in 1948, Jews from all around the world have flocked here to settle. Consequently, the modern Israeli is a glorious mixture of ethnicities be they Arabic, European, Slavic or African. These influences are reflected in both the food and the genetic make-up of the tribe of Moses.

Military service is obligatory for both boys and girls in Israel so you will find entire platoons of young, stunning Israeli’s patrolling the streets, sexily attired in green khaki wielding machine guns. Maybe it’s not politically exactly correct, but I’m a sucker for a cocked carbine…

Perhaps Israel’s propensity for churning out warrior women is why Gal Godot was cast as Wonder Woman?

6. Hong Kong 

I’ve never been to mainland China (save for a transit in Shanghai Airport) but I did spend a few days in China Lite last year. Hong Kong is like nowhere else I’ve ever been, its a futuristic vision of Skyscrapers eternally illuminated by neon lights where nobody ever seems to sleep. It’s also the most crowded place on earth and after just a few days I seriously needed some space. 

Fortunately, at least I was crowded in with some damned beautiful people. The ladies of Hong Kong are for the most part, pretty, petite, trim and very elegant. Oh, and everybody (both boys and girls) was just so stylish (not surprising for a city with more shopping malls than coffee shops) and had amazing, lovely hair. I felt out of place in my ‘fresh from California en route to Goa’ backpacker gear so had to make a shopping trip to buy some nice pants.

7.  France 

beautiful women country
Viva la France indeed…

Maybe I’m biased (well yes, and I have to include this to stop my girlfriend killing me) but French girls do have a very special place in my heart. Long before I started traveling, I had a thing for French girls born from an adolescent period consuming French cinema; Bridgette Bardot, Audrey Tatou & Betty Blue fuelled many-a-day-dream and that irresistible sing-song accent is just pure, aural sex.

Paris remains one of the fashion centers of the earth and you can expect suave, Gaelic girls at every turn throughout the land. France is also an extremely diverse country so the mix of ethnicities makes for an international buffet of beauties – my girlfriend, for example, is French African. However, smoking is still very popular throughout France and smoking is a bit of a turn off for me personally.

8. Russia 

Ok so I’ve never been (yet) but I was told that I absolutely had to include this one. By who you ask? Well by a few travellers met who’ve told me that I’ve seen nothing until I’ve seen Russian women but also by a mysterious guy from the KGB who told me to “include Russia on this list and tell world how great is Russia or suffer the terrible consequences”. But based on what I’ve seen of James Bond films (which it turns out are closer to reality than we ever hoped to imagine) they are indeed something special that could keep a man warm in even the darkest depths of the Moscovite winters!

9. Arambol  

beautiful women country
Arambols beaches are also popular with cows so there is something for everybody.

Arambol is technically not a country, its actually a little village in Goa, India. But in so many ways it is a nation made up of hippies, mystics, and misfits who have arrived here every winter since the 1960’s. 

I once remarked that it took me 33 years to find my way to Arambol and yet as soon as I arrived I had a sense of been there my whole life. It is indeed a spiritual home to 1000’s and each spring, the true diaspora begins as we are forced to return to the nations which our passports say we belong to in order to earn money.

An evening stroll along Arambol beach is like a game of traveller Tinder with beguiling hippy beauties from all around the world (many from Russia) sporting braided hair, sun-bronzed skin, and yoga-toned bodies. Most of them, are also very approachable.  It’s a great place to fall in love.

10. Denmark

When most people think Scandinavian women they think of Swedes. To be honest, all that blond hair and ice pale flesh isn’t’ really my thing but I was very surprised when I arrived in Copenhagen last year. 

It’s not that I found many outright “stunners” here, it’s simply that everybody looked so healthy and wholesome. The Danes are apparently the happiest nation on earth and it shows. The people of Denmark dress well, they cycle, they eat well and everyone is oh so chilled! They’re also polite as hell and very accommodating to foreigners so I bet that if you asked a Danish girl on a date, she’d kind of feel obliged to say yes.

Danish guys are also tall, healthy and pleasant. If I was a single lady, I’d consider a weekend break to Copenhagen.

Agree or Disagree?

So, what do you guys think? Did I miss out your favourite nation?! Leave a comment below and let me know, I’ll be sure to visit and see for myself!

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  • It’s not true for Serbian girls, believe me! We are so happy when we see tourists from all parts of the world and we are so welcome (not just girls, I mean generally). If you go on the main walking street in Belgrade (Knez Mihailova) you can’t see only Serbians, a lot of them are from countries arround us. You must see deeply and pls dont’t generalized sime nation. We have the best nightlife in Balkan, maybe Europe, and you are always welcome 🙂
    Best greetings from Belgrade, Serbia

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