Phone Charger Recall Options Abroad

Getting away for the summer is one of life’s little perks that we all work towards. For some
people, this could mean two weeks in a ski resort up a French mountain with a handful of well-
chosen friends. For others, a summer getaway could look more like a romantic city break for two
in a place where outdoor evening restaurant dining is standard. Whatever your idea of a
summer escape, one thing is for certain – you’ll be taking your phone. With the high number of
recalls on all types of chargers over the years, you may need to know what to do if your phone
charger is recalled while abroad.

First, it’s also worth mentioning that personal injuries can ruin holidays – especially given the
language barrier (and a phone that you cannot charge and use for translation services due to a
recalled adapter is of no use). Always carry the number of lawyers that you can speak to in

Buy a new charger – speak to the hotel

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This isn’t your hotel’s first time around the block. The reception staff have been answering
questions about where to buy phone chargers for many years. Some hotels may even offer the
short-loan use of their own chargers, for guests who need to charge their phones quickly due to
work-related or family-related reasons. The worst that can happen is that you are directed to the
nearest shop that sells the charger you need – don’t forget, without a fully charged phone, this
‘map’ service is something that you will not be able to provide for yourself.

Use a tablet

If you happen to be carrying a tablet, don’t forget that popular communications apps can be
downloaded and installed, meaning you can use your tablet like a phone. An obvious tip here is
to suggest the use of your tablet charger to charge your phone – however, if it is the same
charger, check if it is the same charger cable as the recalled model before use.

Use an internet cafe

When all else fails, internet cafés can offer you a short-term solution to gaining access to the
internet. Depending on which country you are in, different protocols may be in place. For
example, don’t be alarmed if you face what may feel like over the top questioning – you could be
required to show a photo ID of yourself and pay upfront for the timed use of a computer.

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